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Journals - Cambodia
Cambodia Videoconference
Cambodia Videoconference
After viewing the award-winning personal documentary New Year Baby, CITVC students met the director, Socheata Poeuv, over videoconference. She discussed the Cambodian genocide, its impact on the Cambodian community, and why she chose to make this film. 

"Here in America, all too often, Cambodian parents don't tell their children about what happened to them during the time of the Khmer Rouge.  Understandably they feel a desire to protect their children and themselves.  But, the cost of this silence is that the next generation and further generations may not truly understand their legacy.  And neither will the world."  -Socheata Poeuv

"I admired her strength to travel to Cambodia and find out more about her family and what they had been through, and I also admire her dedication to the project.  I respect her parents for having the courage to tell their stories; it must have been hard for them to share something so painful."  -Amanda

"I am so happy we got the chance to speak with Socheata.  I really appreciated her insightful answers to our questions and I liked answering her questions as well."  -Roxanne
"Throughout the film there are certain points where we see the parent's break down in tears.  Both the mother and father had lost family and friends in the genocide."  -Travis
CITVC used a discussion guide to prepare for this videoconference with Ms. Poeuv: 
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