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Journals - Volgograd, Russia Videoconference (2008-2009)
Russia videoconference 
Russia videoconference 
CITVC held a videoconference with students from the Volgograd State Pedagogical State University in Volgograd, Russia.  This was a unique videoconference for CITVC since we got to know our Russian peers through our on-line forum first, then we videoconferenced with them. 
Russia videoconference 
We spoke about our use of social networks, our hopes for the future, what it means to be a global citizen, and, of course, cultural exchanges about our lives in the US and Russia.
"I really enjoyed the videoconference with Russia.  It was so exciting to finally be able to talk to them.  We always had great discussions on the forum, but the face-to-face vc was exciting!"  -Rachel
"The Russian students gave us a travel itinerary of things we should do and places we should visit in Russia.  I definitely wish to add Russia to my 'must-visit' list."  -Stephanie 
"I found it really interesting how a good majority of them want to be interpreters and work in the international community.  They study very hard and are very ambitious."  -Adam
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