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Journals - Belfast, Northern Ireland Videoconference (2008-2009)
Belfast, Northern Ireland Videoconference
Belfast, Northern Ireland Videoconference

CITVC videoconferenced several times with a high school in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
We welcomed them to the first videoconference by saying "Fáilte." 
The students there speak Gaelic in school.  We had cultural exchanges and spoke about current events.

"This was the attack (in reference to the army attack in Northern Ireland) by the 'Real' IRA on two British soldiers in Northern Ireland. The attack has raised suspicion of a new age of violence in Northern Ireland.  The Irish students gave us their insights into the recent violence."  -Pete
"I really enjoyed Dara's story about Americans in Ireland.  The trade of stereotypes that we have about each other was amusing as well."   -Crystal
We recommend these articles for more information on the army attack:
Who are the 'Real' IRA?
'Real IRA was behind army attack'
Q&A: Conflict in Northern Ireland
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