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Journals - Nürnberg, Germany Videoconference (2008-2009)
Nürnberg, Germany videoconference 
Nürnberg, Germany videoconference 
Nürnberg, Germany Videoconference 
CITVC has been videoconferencing with a high school in Nürnberg, Germany this school year.  The German students are enrolled in an upper level course at their high school and they are studying American government.  We have had great discussions on politics and culture.
Nürnberg, Germany Videoconference 
Our two schools have developed a special relationship! 
This spring we sent each other care packages filled with items from our schools and cultures. 
Click on this link to read about it!
"Today's conference was one of the most interesting conferences this year.  Both Germany and the CITVC class learned much about each other's culture and economy.  Most interesting of these topics was the American diet and our fondness of fast food."  -Chris Crystal "We have done several videoconferences with the German students.  I feel like we are really getting to know them, which can lead to new topics and conversations for future conferences."  -Crystal
"To have another group of people from a different country present their views of us to us allows us to really get a feel about how we are viewed and therefore, we begin to re-examine our actions or change our ideals."  -Younes Christine My family is from Germany and over spring break I am going to visit there.  Talking to the German students is a very global experience.  Even with our different culture we still were able to share common bonds through music, culture, political beliefs and world perspectives."  -Christine
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