Journals - Afghanistan Videoconference (2008-2009)
Afghanistan Videoconference 
Afghanistan Videoconference 
CITVC participated in several videoconferences with Afghanistan during the spring semester.  Please see our News and Events page on these important dialogues.
One videoconference in particular is close to our hearts.  It is the one with the Afghan widows.  In June 2008, several of the students in CITVC participated in a very emotional videoconference with these widows.  Their plight and stories of hardship affected all of us present that day.  This year we had the opportunity to reconnect.  The organization CARE has been working with these women to improve their lives, both financially and spiritually.  We were thrilled to see their lives improving, although there is still much to be done.
"It wasn't as sad as last year's videoconference with them.  Many of them now have jobs and can somewhat support themselves; one widow told us how she can now pay for her children to go to school.  Last year she cried because she could not afford it."  -Reanna
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