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Journals - AIG Videoconference (2008-2009)
AIG Videoconference
AIG Videoconference
AIG Videoconference

The CITVC class discussed the global economic crisis with Mr. Roger Phillips of American International Group (AIG), a multinational company that has been at the forefront of the crisis.  The class submitted and engaged in a role play about the crisis.

Update: Congratulations to Stephanie and Younes!  They are the winners of a pre-conference activity assigned by the guest speaker from AIG.  They had to answer questions while role playing a managing director at an investment bank.  Their prize:  A Barnes & Noble gift card!

"The state of AIG along with our current financial system caused me to have plenty of questions."
" I was hoping to learn more about the downfall and U.S. government bailout of AIG from Mr. Philips . . . He didn't seem to want to talk much about his own company.  He did talk about the stock market.  I did like the fact that we role played as business people." -Olivia
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